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Amateur Radio Operators are very talented hobbyists and have skills in many fields. These photos show their abilities and capabilities.

The newest photos are at the top of this gallery. Scroll down or select from the Gallery Index to see other historical photographs.

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APRS Antenna 1/18/2012

Antenna Party 9/1/2009

APRS antenna party January 18th, 2012


As you can see there is a need to fix this antenna that is used for APRS by travelers on I35. It is so obvious the antenna mount has slipped in the brackets.


The tower climber Brad, KV5V has arrived and is anxious to get started.


Jim, WA1KMA is one of the support team on the ground.


Lloyd, K1LGJ and Barry, N4QW supported the efforts of the team by manning the ropes and other various "ground crew duties.


Our supervisor, Ken, K7MAL kept us all in line when he was not hoisting the "antenna and mount" by pulling the on the business end of the rope.


Brad and Jim are drilling the last holes for the clamps.


There is a need for a good weatherproof connection and Brad is putting on the final touches.


We sure do not want to forget a drip loop. Yes we do get ice in Texas.


That pin is really hot, ouch!


Barry is using the heat gun to make sure of a good seal.


All is ready and Brad prepares to climb the tower.


Final adjustments by Barry and Brad is all set to go.

View a video of Brad's ascent on the tower by clicking here

View a video of Brad connecting the antenna mount to the tower clicking here


All the clamps are checked twice to be sure all is OK.


There that should work for many years


Next we installed a Kantronics weather node. Oh please let me drill a hole in it.


Barry is testing the wind speed.


The final adjustments and it is done outside. Now on to the computer inside for final software installs and configuration.

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Walburg D-Star Repeater site antenna party. September 2009

The D-Star Repeaters waiting for the antennas to be raised higher on the tower.


The tower climbers, Alan Brown, K5AB and Terry Gerdes, AB5K are ready to climb as Verne Palmer, W1IFE (part of the ground crew) prepares to assist.

The Safety officer and ground crew chief, Craig Boegler, W5TSN, squares up the situation and gives the "go-ahead"

The ascent begins with Herb Nolan, W5HMN, (SK), Brad Rehm, KV5V, along with W1IFE waiting to pull up the antennas.

The view is great and the weather is perfect; as the crew tighten the last few connections.

The final results, 2-meters and 70-centimeters and 23-centimeters at the top,    250 feet above the terrain of 923 feet above sea level.

A special thanks go to all that attended the party.


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